"Measurable Achievement For All"

 Our vision is to make sure that children have the education they deserve, because ALL children should have access to appropriately targeted learning.

Inspiring schools to help SEND pupils flourish and grow

SEND Inspire is a new company aiming to improve the learning outcomes of pupils with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities in mainstream schools. The company provides a personalised educationalLearning Tree package specifically designed to up-skill teachers and support staff so they are confident to select ambitious learning goals, plan complementary activities and measure progression with pupils who have a complexity of needs. SEND Inspire helps schools provide evidence of attainment for pupils, parents and Ofsted and can export data to the local authority.

Why use SEND Inspire?

Because every pupil deserves an assessment framework:

 - that supports their needs

 - that determines their next steps.

 - that shows progression in extra curricula areas that are significant to them.

 - that is specifically for them


Because every pupil deserves the opportunity of access to supported local mainstream education, so they can be active participants in their local community.


Because we can help broaden attitudes to disability, so children view pupils with SEND with understanding and as achievers in their own right.

Because every parent /carer should be aware of how their child is being assessed and know the provision that is being put in place for them.